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1st Generation Family-Owned

Mayski Acres is a 15 acre piece of land we dubbed our own in Belleville, Michigan. By we, I mean us...Jamie and Derrick! After moving back to Michigan after living in California for some time we found the perfect spot to plant our roots and expand our dreams! 

In 2019 we purchased and began clearing the land to build our home. We finished our home in the winter of 2022 and moved in. Our garden was established the summer of 2023 where we grow herbs, vegetables, fruits and flowers that we sell on our unique Model A Farm Stand!

We are glad you found us!



In 2022 I (Jamie) stumbled upon a modified 1930 Model A on facebook marketplace. I knew we had to have it, but for what....well I wasn't quite sure at the time but I knew it had so much potential! 

Fast forward to the summer of 2023, we finally had time to dig the Model A out of storage and begin the summer long process of turning it into our farm stand. Derrick (the muscle behind the work) removed the engine, cleaned up the body parts, repainted the body, and put to tires on while I washed and seal coated all of the wood with my mom, hand painted our logo on,  and before you know it she was ready to be wheeled out to the road for the big debut! 

On the farm stand we sell whatever vegetables we are growing, our signature sourdough bread, baked goods (especially cookies), and other items that are made from our land. The goal for the farm stand is to be ever changing. We want you to find something new every time you come! The farm stand allows us the flexibility to sell what is in season and adapt if things change. Coming up with new ideas, new things for you to try and bringing our homestead to you is something we truly cherish!

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