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Little Blue

Our little work horse, she's old and she's grand!

A tractor is a necessity on 15 acres and we are so glad we picked up this little gem! Little Blue is a Ford 1710 built in 1986. She looks rough, probably was never parked in a garage and the cab is rotting and rusty. That a keeper....this thing is a beast! We have owned the property for about a year and a half and would not be where we are currently without this tractor. From grass cutting, raking, scraping, and hauling it has done it all!

Little Blue does need some upgrades, new lights, new cab and some engine work but those things will all come in time when we actually have a space to perform the work thats needed. For now we are able to get all of the things we need done with this mini tractor! We found this tractor for sale on craigslist and jumped at the opportunity, a brand new tractor could cost upwards of $50,000 and up which was not in our budget after just purchasing the property.

A mini excavator and Little Blue pulling out a stump from a dead tree we had to cut down before it fell on some nearby power lines.

Over 50 loads of dirt were dumped on our property to help raise the area in which the house is going to be built. After spreading the dirt, we used the tractor to level everything out and scrape up more garbage that had been buried.

Bottom line, this has been the best investment we have made so far for this property. I think she is going to stay around for the long haul and is already making quite a statement on our land. When the house is complete we can focus our attention on making this tractor last for another 30+ years. If you're local and you see us out give us a beep!!

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