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We have a house!

We blinked and it was there! Well...kind of

I wish we could say we blinked and then this happened! August seems so far away now since my last post! Work got crazy busy and I was traveling every other week from August to the end of November. Every time I'd come home a little more would be done. It wasn't until a few weeks ago that the structure was actually coming together, quickly! Then again, the walls are always the quickest to go up, but thats ok because its the most exciting! Seeing our vision finally come to life is totally unreal!

Let's run though the process really quick to catch you up on all of the fun! The footings were first. We are doing a Michigan crawlspace since the water table is so high in our area. Water issues down the line weren't that appealing, it was also an extra cost we cut back on towards the end of the design process. I mean, we have 15 acres...plenty enough space outside to do all the things!

Once the footings were poured, we scrambled to find a foundation guy since everyone was booked solid because of COVID. We found an amazing guy who was able to finish in 2 days, most of it was done the first day. Big shout out to Industrial Machinery Movers for picking up and delivering our block so quickly!

The floor was framed while I was on a work trip so I didn't get to take fun selfies like Derrick did! The weather hasn't been in our favor the entire time we have been building, if you live in Michigan you'll know what I mean! One day it's sunny and the next it's a winter blizzard! We used Advantech waterproof subfloor to help us protect the floor joists from being ruined by the weather, so far its working like a dream!

While the house has been framed, Derrick has been working super hard push dirt around thats been delivered to help raise the grade around the house. We pretty much started from about 24" down and went upwards of 6' so we have quite a bit of backfill to do. We also don't want our house to look like we are on a giant hill.

Ok now framing! This is always the quickest and most exciting. When you start to see your project coming to life, studs outlining bedrooms and living space! OUUUUU so fun!

You'll notice theres a lot of bigggg holes...thats because we have A LOTTTT of windows! We also have this really fun space planned in the back of the garage that connects to the kitchen. It's an indoor/outdoor entertaining space! It could be closed off from the house, or opened up to enjoy the outdoors via a large glass roll up door similar to those you see in those hip restaurants!

Don't mind me while I sit in the freezing cold and watch you guys work! I swear I can't stay away from this place! The cold eventually kicks me out and back into the car where I run home to warm up!

When the roof trusses go on, it really starts to look like a house! Watching the guys set the trusses was terrifying! The wood waves in the wind like a sheet of paper and it never looks like its going to make it all the way to the top. Eventually I had to stop watching and do something else before I had a massive heart attack watching them.

The photo above is the back of the house, we have a covered porch area that extends to the end of the house.

The porch wasn't on quite yet, but at this point it was really looking like something spectacular!

We left for Mexico to attend my cousin's wedding and when we came back (trust me...we didn't want to after spending 5 days in 80 degree weather) the porch was on! The weather got too cold too quickly before we were able to pour the concrete for the porch or garage so all of that is going to have to wait until spring.

The picture below is if you were standing in the back of the kitchen looking toward the front window and entry door. Our concept was to keep a wide open living area, we loved our so much at the house we owned in California that we decided to replicate the feeling here. The ceilings are cathedral which will really open it up.

That bathroom window view though! One day all of those trees will be gone and there will be a lovely little pond with chickens running around it...probably being chased by coyotes!

And that just about wraps up todays adventure! I'm trying to keep up now that things are happening and I'm finally done with work travel. I do hope to give you move of a tour of the rooms and my ideas for each, although I don't have that all nailed down quite yet! I think some of things we are going to have to work though as they come. It's very hard to pick every single finish and every material when you're doing your own custom home. I'll keep you all in on that process!

We hope everyone has the happiest of holidays despite what's happening in the world!

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